Free shipping on orders above ₹1500
Free shipping on orders above ₹1500

Free Birthday Saree

Terms and Conditions:-

You can Choose saree worth R.s 2500 from our store.

1) Once you join our email list, we ll send promotional emails, like offers and new saree collections to your email.

2) You have to mail us 7-15 days before your birthday to claim your Free Saree, so that we can schedule timely delivery of the saree.

3) We will charge shipping charge of Rs. 100/ Rs.150. You can pay that during your Delivery.

4) You must be active customer on our store for past 1 year.
Example if you have birthday on 15th March 2019. You must have made purchase on our store atleast once between 15th March 2018 - 14th March 2019. You can't claim after that saree after one year of your purchase.

5) The Sarees will be your Choice, Subjected to availability of the saree, sometimes we can't weave that particular saree you choose.

6) This Offer will be terminated with previous notice so that people who joined in our email list will not suffer.

If you have any queries you can email us 

With Love,